Ladies, are YOU summer ready?!

The time has come, summer is here, the sun is shining and life is wonderful!! But ladies, before we go getting excited about sun and cocktails on the beach, we need to take a moment to assess ourselves! The summer is not for us to simply enjoy ourselves without a care, there are standards that... Continue Reading →


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Recently someone asked me what I wanted from the future, what I wanted to be. My answer involved many things, I want to waste less, do more for the environment, be healthier, read loads, ensure I always make time for my family and friends, be more tolerant, be more patient and kind, write more music,... Continue Reading →

Haters gonna hate: It’s hard out here for a millennial

Everyday I read something negative about millennials or something new that we’re being blamed for. Lack of rental housing? Millennials. War-torn Syria being blasted off the face of the earth? Millennials. Avocado shortage? Millennials. Sharon from work got a raise even though she does feck all? Millennials. Millennials are portrayed as easily offended, skinny jean,... Continue Reading →

Staying Sane in a World Gone Mad and Coping with “The Interweb”

Not so many years ago I despised the use of the word “feminist” because it put me in mind of bra burning man hating extremists. I thought that abortions should only be for those who became pregnant through rape or whose babies had fatal foetal abnormalities. I thought that people needed to eat animals and... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Storm Survival Guide: Don’t Take Risks on Treacherous Roads!

  Hints and Tips to get through Storm Emma in one piece Buy everything The upcoming snow storm could last a number of days. In fact, snowfall is estimated at 3-6cm so it could reasonably take weeks for it to fully thaw in a manner that the public deems acceptable. Despite the fact that many... Continue Reading →

Reeling in the Tears: A Review of 2017

This year has been a weird one. It started beautifully with the cementing of the perfect bromance when Obama awarded Biden a surprise medal of honour. It very quickly devolved into chaos with natural disasters, terrorist attacks and civilians clashes with authorities, including an attempted vote of independence from Catalonia which ended in violence and distress.... Continue Reading →

Banter or Harassment? A Modern Day Guide to Decency.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about harassment, be it in the workplace, in the street or just in general. Of course this has sparked the usual onslaught of “Political correctness gone mad!!”, “You can’t do anything anymore!” and “Oh I suppose it’s suddenly not okay to hit on your secretary!!” No Pat, it... Continue Reading →

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