Reeling in the Tears: A Review of 2017

This year has been a weird one. It started beautifully with the cementing of the perfect bromance when Obama awarded Biden a surprise medal of honour. It very quickly devolved into chaos with natural disasters, terrorist attacks and civilians clashes with authorities, including an attempted vote of independence from Catalonia which ended in violence and distress.... Continue Reading →


Banter or Harassment? A Modern Day Guide to Decency.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about harassment, be it in the workplace, in the street or just in general. Of course this has sparked the usual onslaught of “Political correctness gone mad!!”, “You can’t do anything anymore!” and “Oh I suppose it’s suddenly not okay to hit on your secretary!!” No Pat, it... Continue Reading →

A letter to my four year old self

Also posted at as part of a collaboration with Dear Gemma, I have drafted and re-drafted letters to you trying to figure out what to say. I have been through so much at this stage in life that it’s hard to remember a time when I was as young and carefree as you are... Continue Reading →

When Aimlessly Angry People Get “The Internet”

Lads, let’s face it, the internet has gone mad. Anger is everywhere. People who are ill-informed are jumping on bandwagons left, right and centre. Everyone has an opinion on every little thing and they are always right. The comments guys, the comments are what make me want to punch people in their actual faces. Idiotic... Continue Reading →

The World According to John Part II: What Housing Crisis?!

I met a John once at a party who told me he’d never be homeless. “People who are homeless are homeless because of their own decisions” he said. “If people are stupid enough to start doing drugs and can’t control themselves then what are we supposed to do? Bail them out every time they fall... Continue Reading →

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